Welcome to Dessewffy Palace, a building steeped in history that incorporates contemporary requirements.

You will be immediately impressed by the palace’s character. Its exceptional position in the heart of the Old Town in Bratislava, coupled with the architect’s sensitive approach during the reconstruction process, have given Dessewffy Palace’s history a contemporary rewrite. Would you like to add to its modern history?

When completed at the end of the 19th century, Dessewffy Palace was one of the most luxurious buildings in Pressburg – a meeting place for Hungarian nobility. Today, in the very same premises you can arrange your own meetings as well as company events. Unlike the aristocrats, however, you will have the very latest technology at your fingertips.

Historical and contemporary elements are seamlessly united in these modern business and administrative premises available for lease. Our administrative premises are ideal for offices, and the business premises are ideally suited for branches, corporate representations and embassies. The building’s perfect upkeep and security are provided for at all times.

The charm of Dessewffy Palace – where artistry is in the very air – is further complemented by the Bořek Šípek Gallery, a world-renown glass designer and architect. Contact us to arrange a personal viewing of this unique opportunity.

Dessewffy Palace:

  • Lease of prestigious administrative and business premises
  • Lease of Dessewffy Hall conference room
  • Uniquely located in Bratislava’s historical centre
  • Easy access
  • Combination of enchanting historical palace with new building, fully equipped with modern technology